University Police Chief and Officers interacted with students over ice cream

The New York State University Police sponsored an ice cream social event to meet and talk to students. The event was on Dec. 1, from 12 noon to 3 p.m. in the Student Activities Building lobby.

Among those who were in attendance were University Police Chief Enrico D’Alessandro, Lieutenant Paul Field, Officer Philip Netzband and Officer Nicole Wright, a Morrisville State College graduate of the criminal justice program.

Both Chief D’Alessandro and Officer Netzband served vanilla and chocolate ice cream and assorted sprinkle toppings while Lieutenant Field and Officer Wright educated staff and students about beer goggles.

Chief D’Alessandro felt that having a social event like this would help UP officers and students interact with each other.

“It’s not a normal thing for students to routinely walk over to Route 20 to say hi to us,” said Chief Alessandro in an interview. “Knowing that we have outreach events for students to let them know we’re not just a part of an establishment. We want to interact with students because we are friendly and outgoing and what better way than to share ice cream with them.”

Students, faculty and President Rogers had an opportunity to try out beer goggles, as they were directed by UP Officers Wright and Field. They gave participants a glimpse of how dangerous drinking and driving is.

“It’s a learning experience because some students actually drink and drive,” said Dyandria Scott, nursing student. “It was a good turnout.”

Chief D’Alessandro has held social events in the past and wanted to add activities such as the beer goggles.

“In September, we had such a good turnout we had to do it again,” said Chief D’Alessandro said in an interview.

Students who walked through the lobby watched, some even participating giving them a chance to talk and get to know officers.  

“I came over here because I saw some people falling down and I thought it was interesting,” said Will Flatow, business administration student. “I wanted to see how difficult police test were.”

Overall, Chief D’Alessandro wants to protect students so they can enjoy their time at Morrisville.

“Its our responsibility to keep them safe while they attempt to get a college education, so when they leave they become good responsible students,” Chief D’Alessandro said.

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