Morrisville annual agriculture day welcomed guests and students

Kids enjoy petting and feeding the horse during AG day. Photo by Trea Hooker

Morrisville State hosted students and guests at its annual Agriculture Day on Oct. 6 as the academic quad was the scene to view various livestock and participate in activities.

The event was open to the public, attracting hundreds of students from local schools. Young children, students and adults filled the campus, eating homemade ice-cream and learning about the animals. Guests also had the opportunity to go on hayrides, find their way through a hay-maze and pet horses.

Behlen gates kept the horses and cows in place. Fishes and birds captured many kids’ attention, as well.

Agriculture students felt Ag-day represented Morrisville and the agriculture program well by

allowing those who never been to Morrisville to experience it on first hand.  

“Ag Day creates a lot of exposure for not only young students but the college campus as well, because students pass through here every day and they get to see what we’re doing and how the Ag program has progressed,” said Ashley Mount, an agriculture business student, in an interview. “It gives a lot of students the opportunity to handle farm animals that they wouldn’t normally get to.”

Students who walked through the academic quad while heading to class had a glimpse and also enjoyed the festivities.

“This is the first time I’ve seen horses in a long time,” said mechanical engineering student Codio Monereau in an interview. “I actually liked it.”




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