Ask Arwen: Yahoo Answers Edition (Part 2)

Are there birds in Canada?

“I’m thinking of visiting Canada and might bring my camera so I’m curious to know if they have any birds. I know they have moose.”



I could say a lot of things to you about research, but I’m just gonna let you off easy and tell you that there are in fact birds in Canada.
Indeed, there are many species of birds that have the name Canada right in them. They include Canada geese. I am sure you have heard of them. They are quite common in the United States, but they’re really border hoppers from Canada, and unlike the stereotypical Canadian, they are very nasty and mean creatures. I suggest if you come across any on your adventure you snap a picture and then book it as fast as you can. They are vicious.
Moose are also quite aggressive so I’d stay away from them too. Actually, you might as well leave your camera at home, I think all of the wildlife is too dangerous to photograph. You’re better off going to Cirque Du Soleil in Montreal.


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